Do Not Resuscitate

"I mostly think about sex and killing myself"


don’t buy your girl flowers. flowers die. buy her a potted cactus

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I remember seeing this short film a long time ago. Basically, this little machine sees a television with a pretty doll face. She wants to be just like what she sees on t.v, and changes her appearance. The standards get higher and higher (literally), but she tries earnestly.

You can see what happens in the end.This video leaves a powerful message about how our standards of beauty are too high and soon it becomes out of reach.

As one of the comments of the video says

"She was original but she died a copy."

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This just happened on my dash. Not ok.

I tried to press reblog on the first one.

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baby dragons that haven’t learned how to breath fire yet and just stumble around blowing smoke and trying to look as intimidating as their parents. dragon children that can’t control their fire and nearly set the entire forest on fire whenever they sneeze. teenage dragons whose voices crack whenever they try to roar. elderly dragons who gather the children around to tell them stories and blow smoke rings for them. dragons.

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we all have that one mutual follower we try to impress with every post

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